A Mother’s Passage (June Contest)


Drenched in blood, tears, and sweat.

Putting everything on the line for a child you haven’t met.

With only the Lord’s strength to carry you on,

New life born into the world, creating an unconditional bond.

When his heart is beating close to you,

The saying that time stands still becomes true.

Full of hopes, wishes, and the wildest dreams,

For this child to succeed; in choirs, in clubs, in teams.

Yet not everything seems to be as beautiful as thought to be,

Not as easy as one – two – three.

The crescent moon hangs up high,

Shining upon the broken road of anger and lies.

Why does sorry seem to be the hardest word,

It’s trapped in the cage with the singing bird.

Still, again and again, love always tries

To find the lost key so the bird once more flies.

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