Alive She Cried


Green gainsay: get back!

Grab a girl

Get back in black-

The ball beckons.

The invitation calls for boutonnieres.

Fear not, she feels you.

I cannot help but to try

To free her.

Fire illuminates her eyes-

Anyone can see that;

They’re heavenly in their brilliance.

But there’s something more behind them

That only I can see.

With only one look she whisks me away

Somewhere sacred

Untouched by anyone in this place.


*          *          *


We were in this palace-

You, walking ahead of me,

Dressed in a dark gown,

Careful steps caressing corridors

Taken by unseen feet.

Dressed in intrigue

I followed you.

You knew it-

At least I fathomed that-

Feeding off your furtive glances.

You led me to a room with blue walls

And no lights.

You said we’d make our own

And I believed you-

I had to

Since you were what I wanted to see.

But your eyes were closed

And you told me we were

In an open field,

Wind whispering,

Long grass,

Wavy hair,

Wet soil,

Summer skin, warm, touching sunset.

My silk shirt was wet with warm sweat.

We were there.


*          *          *


The field was just as she described it

And blue like the walls from whence we came.

Pale moonlight let me see her this time.

She was more beautiful than how I saw her in my mind.

But was this real?

Or still in my mind?

She was a mystic rain,

Pain, falling from her dark hair

Onto my face as I lay there.

I reach out to see if she’s there

And I feel a ghostly mist

Touching my hair

My skin

The air.


She’s here with me-

I feel her.


*          *          *


I see her moving towards

A house upon a hill.

A mansion that she knows

From some time ago.

I followed her like an endless night

In bright midnight

We grazed through a graveyard-

Eerie shapes moved around me.

She finally came to the place

She wanted us to be-

And kissed me.




Icy air flew through my soul.

I felt warm with emotion

As blood filtered through my veins.

I desperately hung onto her-

Pulled her closer-

Blood, furiously pumping-

I wanted this to be forever.


*          *          *


When I came to

I was in the drawing room

Of the old Hollywell House.

The ball was in full swing by this time-

A feast of friends who brought other friends,

Some of which were having the time of their lives

Dancing, and doing other such frivolous things.

I envied them-

I found myself in the middle of a conversation

About politics.

Just when I was asked my opinion

On some such important matter,

Through a window, looking down onto the gated entrance

I saw her.

She was ascending the steps

For the first time that evening.

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