Balance in Nature


Blood red Jackdaws populate a soft shining shoreline off the coast of a forgotten world. Senses of harmony appear easily as the calm wind combs the maroon tide seamlessly comforting all of the frail birds. Scattered clouds compliment an overpowering sky by reflecting the sweet dark colours ever so differently as to magnify the castness of a constantly changing world, just as the furrow does with the endless waves. A being resembling a son of adam stood upon a cliff not far high above the beach overlooking on the Jackdaws. Heavy eyes weighed his gaze downwards towards the mob of blood specs dancing in the sand and through the sky. They reminded him of the victims to his work which still stayed with him standing through the tests of time. Envy slithered into the mans third eye but excluded itself once that thought grew unnecessary, to him nostalgia is only precious when coeval times prove loathsome and it will stay precious forever. Life as a shogun made it simple to yearn for simpler times, making money through the art of killing delivers one to the seventh circle of hell mentally, therefore keeping herb and living in the past is an effortless way to keep sane. But the money has all been made in abundance, he recognized there is no need for any more deaths by his hand so there would not be anymore.


Time grew older along with the swordsman, the essence of it was all he thought about. Watching the Jackdaws was a pleasant way to slow the feeling of age which coursed over him too quickly at times. He thought of the influence his life left on the history of the planet, Leaving a legacy to be only recognizable by strangers and gods he never knew cut deep into his soul, knowing well there was no family or friends to tell his side of all the stories. The longer it was pondered the more care for the subject slipped from the mind towards more pleasant euphoric ideals. Tilting his head towards the sky he felt his presence in the living universe shine immensely. The guarantee that not one soul knows the nature of the realms outside of life marks any theory valid and possibly correct if not all of them. Weighing this thought on his heart and mind, his outlook on events in his time was altered and made to his satisfaction, the way he carried himself made his own reality. Whilst wishfully thinking the being questioned everyone’s consciousness and sought life to be an experience in which anything that crossed his path was only created for the events that affected his timeline. Though the obscurity is overwhelming that state of mind stayed, for it was secure, comforting and most of all made for his sake.


The now old and wise samurai was still living peacefully and built his fortress upon the cliff that he never decided to leave. Blood drenched Jackdaws still danced peacefully for him as they saw it fitting to share their home. The complexity of the nature surrounding the palace made it beautiful beyond all other competition. The forest of spruce and cherry blossom trees provided a home full of sweet soft colours to the animals in which the samurai felt most connected with escalating the nostalgic legendary way to his legacy tenfold. By many of the villagers only set out a few miles south of the cliff the man was considered to be a legendary sage gifted with the ability to tame and use beasts of a lethal nature. But no matter how many beautiful and dangerous beasts were kept in his possession the ones that earned his highest favour were the peaceful Jackdaws. The once murderous samurai accepted this new title with grace and lived the last era of his life ending with death peacefully with the forgotten knowledge of his old regrets. But that knowledge was not forgotten by the universal nature karma and decided that this man was to not hold a peaceful death but still honourable with style. Justified with the fact that he lived using his katana and indulged in abundance the fruits in which violence bears.


A comfortable sunset drew down upon the face of the palace that was built upon the cliff overlooking the soft beach housing the peaceful bloody Jackdaws. The pink sky sent its warmth downwards heating the soft sand pleasantly. As usual the sage wandered out to the edge of the cliff to overlook upon his birds when he spotted their threat prowling closer to them in pursuit of the tempting instinct to kill. The sage’s tiger climbed down from the forest of euphoria onto the beach with no more desire for the graceful elk she usually pursued. Her golden coat glistened in the shining light magnifying her black and red fiery stripes by cutting the shine of the light accordingly to their shape. To the sage it was clear which bird was in the tigers sight so he threw a kunai to disrupt the tigers attack as he gripped his katanas handle and unsheathed it while gracefully jumping from the cliff to the beach. The sage felt his age as he landed onto the sand but recovered quickly once the sand absorbed most of the brute impact. He lived through his history as he leaped youthfully towards the tiger in hopes of only defending his defenceless creature. The tiger stepped back and assessed the situation carefully. Twirling the blade with his wrist the sage displayed his battle experience with the swiftness of his motions and the confidence within his old eyes. The tiger, curious about her new foe pierced into the sage’s soul using her immortal eyes and leaped to deliver judgment from the universe, the sage stepped back and pushed his blade through the air directed towards the tiger’s heart but her paw pushed it down to the ground as the sage realized his fate. He looked fearlessly at the magnificent face of an animalistic warrior before he was pushed down under her weight and ultimately defeated by the beast. The sage died honourably protecting a small yet precious life and left the old world accordingly for a warriors life. As the sage’s spirit left the beach and rose above the cliff into the sky the Jackdaws took notice and transformed before their eyes. Each one shook off their blood red feathers to reveal pure purple fur with wonderful white streaks, as the lives that the sage took in his early life were avenged by the same sage as he died protecting their reincarnations. Then the sage’s spirit felt a long awaited balance in the universe as the Jackdaws continued to dance and fly peacefully and the tiger returned to the forest happily. Now in death the sage’s state of mind changed, he stopped living in the nostalgic past and embraced the new life outside of time never to return again.

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