Effulgent #Endthestigma


My hair, dirty and matted.


My forehead, creased with worry.


My ears, tuned to insecurities.


My eyes, sunken and jaded.


My nose, crinkled in concern.


My mouth, only a smile.


That is me – what I have become – what I have – and always will be.


I turn my head to the golden shackles which chain me to an obsidian block.


I have stopped struggling for a long time now.


Everyday another beautiful, glorious, shining bracelet brings me to bondage.


I look up to see it rear its ugly head.


The grotesque, clouded being offers me a luminous chain once more.


With cracked lips I whisper sweet tales and invite another.


My shoulders give way and I fall to one knee like Atlas.


My knees quake and scream in protest.


No more.



Not enough.

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