Five Senses

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I remember writing this free verse poem for my Grade 8 English class. The poem attempts to stimulate the senses to generate meaning, hence the title ‘Five Senses‘. I would describe the narrator of this poem as both clairvoyant and personified. Can you guess what the narrator is?


You will find me on the dinner table, on special occasions, that is. I will appear as white

as snow, gleaming as bright as the Luna in the night. My body is non-linear, asymmetrical in

shape, but I am as beautiful, as marvelous, and as spontaneous, as the bodies that drift along the

shore of the highest firmament.

I will send forth my mild aroma through particles of air, and when it reaches you, your

chasm with mighty wedges will fill with gallons upon gallons of a water like fluid, and it will

instill unto you, hunger. You will inevitably be left with a desire, a desire of uncontrollable


Without a single thought of table propriety you will lay out your hands on me and feel my

energizing warmth. Your nerves shall begin to surrender to my lusciousness. This will exfoliate

your mind, for never have you felt something so soft, so gentle, yet so rich with texture. You will

sink your hand beneath me, you shall hear nothing but a whispering splatter.

Hunger will strike you once more, and you will give in. With your hand you will take a

great portion of me, and you will shove it in your mouth—carelessly. My taste will begin to

excite your tongue and will leave it in a state of euphoria. You will be quick to surrender in

adherence to my taste. I will see a dreary look in your eyes; because you are not yet fully satisfied. I

shall witness you grab a pitcher, not of water, but of a brown fluid. You will immerse me in the

fluid, begin to drown me, and continue to consume me. But I will remain joyful in death, for I

have deemed myself successful in accomplishing my life’s task—to satisfy the hunger of


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  1. Martin Chua says:

    I’m guessing it’s potato

  2. Ben Brett says:

    Is it a pineapple?

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