How to Sign Up and Post

Hey fellas, welcome to the VC Writers Blog. This post will quickly explain how to sign up for an account and start posting.


To register or log in to an account, click on one of the buttons at the top left of your screen. (Once logged in, you can log out at the top right where your username is.)

Once you are on the registration page, there are some registration guidelines we would like you to follow.

  • You may set any username and password you wish, but underneath “Profile Details” you must use your full, real life name.
  • Please use an email you have access to. You will have to activate your account via email in order to use it.
  • In addition to the above, enter your graduating year so we can sort you.
  • Failure to do the above will result in your account being removed.

How to post

To begin posting, head to your dashboard on the top left of your screen and click on the button shown on the photo above. (Alternatively, you can simply click the “+New” button nearby.)

This is what your dashboard should look like. If it does not, please contact Mr. Slivinski (we’ll fix that for you). Editors and admins will have a more detailed dashboard.


For a rough draft, you can use the quick post function found in the middle of the picture shown above. For more detailed control, such as the ability to do this:

cool quotes

You must click on the “+New” button near the top left of your screen.


Once on the detailed post page, you can do whatever you want to make your post awesome. When you are finished, you will need to do two things before it can be submitted for review.

You must…

  • Set a category for your post. (Please don’t set your category to rejected. It won’t be reviewed.)
  • Set a “featured image” for your post. Featured image can be found at the very bottom of the right side of your screen, nearby the categories. Choose whatever image you feel best describes your post and makes people want to read/listen to/watch it. It can also be a random google image if you’re stuck. (***You may be unable to set an image. If this is the case, a mod will set an image for you. If it’s not to you’re liking, ask one of them to change it.)

Have fun posting! Ask Mr. Slivinski if you have any questions.