It’s OK – Max Lee


It’s OK

Everyone has that thought of “was it my fault?” or “was it something I did?”

Even if the answer is yes, it should never be uttered

Because behind the gnarled, closeted, and hypocritical doors of adults lie dirty secrets

Undisclosed bits and pieces of a love long past fall through the fingertips of a whimpering child

Duality becomes the vernacular and personality becomes irregular

Moving from one place to another, taking their physical and emotional baggage with them

For some, it is betrayal

For others, it is a disbelief

For most, it is their school backpack

Depending on one’s age, the interpretation of this transformative experience will differ

But the most perverse effect is the distortion of love

Hollywood, pre conceived, and idyllic notions are relegated to fiction

Forever isn’t as long anymore

Trust issues turn into school issues

School problems turn to social problems

Social questions turn into mental questions

Mental instability turns into –

And that is “natural”

Or at least that’s what they told me

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