Journey (June Contest)


I stop,

my hands frigid,

my heart pounding out of my chest.

Beads of sweat slither past my brow,

my lips quavering,

trying to shout for help,

trying to grab someone’s attention;

nothing comes out.


Alone, in the black, endless tunnel,

I cry.

I have been walking,

and walking,

and walking,

yet nothing seems to have changed.

The tunnel keeps going,

like the endless universe.


I collapse.

My hope wavers–

a fire dying out.


My tears hit the floor, hard,

exploding on impact with the cold concrete.

My heart is lost in emotions.

Infuriation and melancholy combat,

coagulating into a sensation that suppresses my stomach,

making me want to throw up,

to curse,

to give up altogether.

If I stopped,

the pain would stop.

If I turned back now,

I knew that I would make it back to the start,

because I’ve entered from there,

I’ve seen how it looked like.

I know how long it took to get here,

so it will take the same amount of time to go back.

Familiarity and prior knowledge bestows me comfort.


If I just gave up,

I wouldn’t have to continue with this struggle.




Through all this…

Through all this pain and difficulty,

a part of me tells me. . .

That there is an end;

and that I can get through this.


Though I don’t see it in the distance,

I know that there is light by the end of the tunnel.

Because all journeys eventually come to an end,

regardless of scope or importance.


Sure there will be bumps.

There will be impediments hindering my trek—

but if I came this far,

is it really worth it to be daunted by some hill obstructing my path?

What’s really worth is to get through it.

If it is impossible to climb, clear through it with a shovel–

make it work.

If I came this far,

I know I can continue.

The journey of life cycles through birth and death.

We begin our journey,

germinate through experiences,

and end with our ashes becoming mere dust;

and this journey will too.

It began.

It must end.

And I know it will.


I get up.

I keep walking,

and walking,

and walking,

until I push off

and sprint.

My footsteps reverberate throughout the void

echoing back to me, like a companion.

I run,

my cheeks flushed with hope

knowing that light will confront the end—

the end of my journey.








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