There once was a confident man who had a lovely dame.

She was a diamond that he treasured, Bertha was her name.

They were birds of a feather, an inseparable flock,

So that when Bertha dumped the man it was to his great shock.


His heart had no help from all the emotional violence.

His soul was night, devoid of light, but was full of silence.

He had started to waste away, his flame was barely lit.

But then he realized the answer, he needed to fight it.


Burning and beaten, bruised and bleeding, but was not broken.

His hurting heart had started to hear words never spoken.

He realized that he could survive without a woman’s kiss,

So with this wisdom, confidence returned, and he felt bliss.


He was a former ghost, but you won’t hear him wail or moan.

The specter will simply say it’s better to be alone.

But, so they say, that ev’ry day of his tremendous life

He’ll look towards God, kneel down and pray, “Can I have a wife?”

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  1. Marcus Saldanha says:

    I love this Nathaniel. Is this about Mr. Sommerfeld ;)

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