Hey All! Some background for this story, I wrote this piece back when I was about thirteen years old. This miniature autobiography I made was for a character created by myself for a role-playing game that I used to play-I’m a dork, I know- anyways I hope you all enjoy reading the creativity of a young lad!



Rokin  Belanix was born into a family of honed fighters, his father, Harthor Belanix was the Captain of the Guard of his and was known by many as a master swordsman. At the young age of seven, Harthor trained Rokin to be a warrior of greater prowess than himself. So it was this vigorous training continued into the young man’s life until the age of eighteen when his father unfortunately disappeared whilst on a daily patrol of the edge of the Shadow Woods, to this day nobody knows where he went, or if he is even still alive.


After the loss of his patriarchal mentor, Rokin assumed his father’s position as Captain of the Guard. On one fateful winter day, Rokin and his men were ambushed by a band of Orcs during an expedition into the heart of the very same woods where Harthor went missing. Rokin was able to slay some of the assailants with his father’s legendary sword Incerus, but the orcs numbered too many and he was taken captive by the menacing pack of creature amidst the corpses of his butchered soldiers. Along his shackled journey, Rokin not only grew a passionate hatred of the Orc-kind, but was able to learn and eventually speak fluent Giantish, the universal language of the Orcs, Trolls and Giants. This acquired knowledge gave him an substantial advantage into figuring out his destined location. After a few more weeks in bondage the Orcs got to their camp and imprisoned the disheveled Rokin into a subterranean dungeon. The cell was dark as pitch, and reeked with a foul humidity. The captive hero waited with brutal patience for three months for his opportunity for freedom. He got his chance to eliminate the prison guard, retrieve his belongings and slip out of the horrid camp in the dead of night.
During his long journey back to his cherished city, Rokin met various strangers who taught him many valuable skills such as wilderness survival and bartering tactics. Rokin also came across a guild of smugglers where he gained insight on being more perceptive in the confusing streets of a city. When the trek back to his homeland was completed the renewed hero came up with a plan. He was going to be a noble hero as his once father was, and to attain enough wealth that he could live in a manor of his own for the rest of his days. It was on that day where he decided that the only way to complete this master plan was to become the most distinguished adventurer that has ever lived!

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