The Turtle (June Contest Winner)


It swam gracefully through the waters of the Pacific. Tirelessly traversing hundreds, no, thousands of kilometres across the ocean, heading back to home. The sun slowly set, spreading a golden light across the water. The turtle kept on swimming, it had only one thing in mind, bring her eggs to where she hatched into the world, home. Few ever made it back, plastic bags that looked like jellyfish suffocated and killed the turtles, and some were hunted for their flesh and shells.

Home was a heavenly place, on a secretive peninsula in Costa Rica, soft sand, crystal, sky blue, warm waters and bright sun. The turtles emerged from the water and then began their trek up the beach, where poachers silently waited. They watched with their steely eyes the turtles dig a hole and start hatching the eggs. They only saw one thing out of this, money. With each egg laid, was supposed to be a new generation of turtles, but what most would be ended up as, would be a fortune for the poachers. As the last egg was laid, all the turtles began to crawl back to the ocean. Gunshots screamed through the air, bullets lodging themselves deeper and deeper into the turtles’ flesh. None made it back, none would ever lay eggs, this group of turtles won’t provide any more generations of turtles.

Dark, red blood, and flesh strewed along the bright yellow sand, it was gruesome but the poachers just saw fortunes waiting for them. Then they got shovels and began to dig up for the eggs, precious eggs that were supposed to supply a new generation of turtles, a continuation of the species. All about to end up in markets, and in the kitchen. Beginning to kill off another species just for the survival of another.
Months pass, eggs are stolen. Soon, when it was time for eggs to hatch, fewer than a hundred remained. A young turtle opened its eyes, taking in the world around him, not knowing that he had brothers and sisters that were missing, killed. It had only one thing in mind, get to the ocean. It crawled out of the hole, joining more turtles, crawling towards the ocean, about to embark on a journey, a journey through life. None of them will die naturally, all will die by man, but their main goal, start a new generation of turtles, to continue the species.

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